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About GizaVC

GizaVC has been at the forefront of Israel's venture capital industry for more than 20 years, supporting innovative entrepreneurs and helping them to build great businesses. Since its establishment in 1992, GizaVC has placed over $500 million in more than 100 startups and has achieved 35 successful exits.

Investing out of its 5th fund, GizaVC is currently one of the most active seed and early stage investors in Israel. We are energetically searching for entrepreneurs with vision, capable of moving forward with groundbreaking technologies that meet real market needs.

GizaVC invests across industries and sectors, leveraging its team’s wealth of expertise and experience in communications, semiconductors, information technology, enterprise software, the life sciences, clean technology and Internet/mobile/media. GizaVC professionals work in sectorial teams, but also create ad hoc investment groups that can take advantage of every opportunity and allow our funded companies to enjoy all the benefits of our multi-disciplinary team.

While our main focus is on Israeli companies, we were one of the first international VCs to identify Asia as a major target market. GizaVC established an office in Singapore in 2001 and in recent years has been pursuing investment opportunities in Taiwan-based companies.

Giza's vision in recognizing future technology leaders led to the following winning investments: XtremIO (acquired by EMC), Actimize (acquired by NICE Systems), Prosight (acquired by Primavera Systems), Oplus (acquired by Intel), Cyota (acquired by RSA), X Technologies (acquired by Guidant), Precise (acquired by Veritas), Oridion (acquisition by Covidien pending), Zoran (acquired by CSR), M-Systems (acquired by SanDisk), DSPG, Butterfly (acquired by TI), DSPC (acquired by Intel), Libit (acquired by TI), Scorpio (acquired by US Robotics), Telegate (acquired by Terayon) and Danen (TWSE:3686).