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Surf Communication Solutions is the developer of a suite of hardware and software products that drives applications aimed at high-capacity voice and video distribution.

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Corporate Headquarters

Address: Tavor Building. P.O. Box 343, Yokneam 20692 Israel

T: +972-73-714-0700       F: +972-4-959-4055

US Corporate Headquarters

Address: 5661 SW Orchid Bay Dr., Palm City, Florida 34990 USA

T: +1-508-682-2789             F: +1-508-405-4442


Avi Fisher, Amnon Gavish


CEO: Ehud Shani         CTO: Avi Fisher

VP Marketing: Niv Kagan        VP Finance: Lior Giladi

Giza's Board Member

Ezer Soref


Fields of invesment: icon comm Communications

Contact info:  Website