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Xeround Systems has developed a live and scalable Intelligent Data Grid based on a groundbreaking computing database paradigm. It is providing the industry’s first distributed data grid complete with true data virtualization capabilities, effectively eliminating the dependencies between applications and data. Xeround replaces your existing MySQL database and provides seamless MySQL scalability and high availability. Xeround runs in the cloud, allowing you to scale your database up or out automatically, and maintain availability even in the event of failure. Currently, you can run your database on Amazon Web Services and on Rackspace, as well as via the Heroku platform, with additional cloud service providers being added.

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Corporate Headquarters

Address: 800 West El Camino Real, Suite 180, Mountain View, California 94040, USA

T: +1-888-987-6599       

Research & Development Center

Address: 4 Derech Hahoresh, P.O. Box 12621, Yehud 56470 Israel

T: +972-3-539-0600             F: +972-3-632-5004


Gilad Zlotkin, Sharon Barkai


CEO: Razi Sharir         VP Engineering: Avi Vigder

Director of Marketing: Avigail Ofer       VP Finance & Operations: Oded Zaltsman

Giza's Board Member

Ori Kirshner


Fields of invesment: icon IT IT/SW

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