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Odysii Technologies is the world leader in software solutions for marketing intelligence at the Point-of-sale. It offers unique solutions that enable businesses to communicate more effectively with on-site customers by using targeted and dynamic messages in real time and thus positively impacting customer purchase decisions.

Odysii works with retail banks, hotels, retailers, restaurants, government agencies, and other consumer-facing businesses in over 25 countries worldwide to help increase sales, cut in-store communication costs, and deliver a superior customer experience. It captures business strategies and analyzes real-time data from business systems to automatically trigger action based on predefined business rules.

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Corporate Headquarters

Address: 11 Hamenofim St., Building B, Fourth Floor, Herzliya 46852 Israel

T: +972-73-713-6366          

North America Office

Address: 260 Madison Ave. #8073, New York, New York 10016 USA

T: +1-646-706-7696       


Adi Eyal, Yair Goldfinger


CEO: Adi Eyal        CTO: Tal Reichert

VP R&D: Lior Froimovich     VP Marketing: Elad Halperin        

Giza's Board Member

Zvi Schechter


Fields of invesment: icon ITIT/SW

Contact info: Website