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VisionCare is developing unique and proprietary implantable ophthalmic devices that provide patients with better and more natural function and an improved quality of life. VisionCare's first product is the patented Implantable Miniaturized Telescope (IMT) for treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The IMT is the only implantable solution for AMD, providing good visual acuity and a wide field of view. 

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Corporate Headquarters

Address:  14395 Saratoga Ave, Suite 150, Saratoga, California 95070

T: +1-408-872-9393         F: +1-408-872-9395 


Boaz Lifschitz, Eyal Lifschitz, Yossi Gross, David Lifschtiz, Yitzhak Lipshitz


CEO:  Allen Hill         VP R&D and GM Israel: Eli Aharoni

Chief Commercial Officer : Joaquin V. Wolff        VP Finance and Administration:  Doron Raz 

Giza's Board Member

Yuval Avni



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